53rd Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium

“On the Cusp: What’s Next?”
10-12 March 2015
Greenbelt, Maryland


Video coverage

Tuesday, March 10

6:00 Evening Symposium Warm-up / Meet & Greet Mixer
Annapolis Room
sponsored by SAIC
Bob Rogers as special guest

Wednesday, March 11

7:00 Registration Opens / Continental Breakfast   sponsored by Orbital ATK

7:15 AAS Corporate Members’ Breakfast – invitation only

8:30 Welcome and Announcements
Salons A-B-C
Lyn Wigbels, AAS President
Colleen Hartman, Director, Science and Exploration, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

8:40 Opening Speaker Watch on YouTube
Bob Rogers, Founder and Chairman, BRC Imagination Arts

9:10 Introduction of Keynote Speaker by Presenting Sponsor
Wanda Sigur, Vice President and General Manager of Civil Space, Lockheed Martin Space Systems

9:15 Keynote Watch on YouTube
Charles F. Bolden, Jr., NASA Administrator

10:00 Break sponsored by Orbital ATK

10:15 NASA Headquarters Associate Administrators Watch on YouTube
Moderator: Christyl Johnson, Deputy Director for Technology and Research Investments, NASA GSFC

11:45 Pre-lunch Break / Meeting Space Reconfiguration

12:00 Honors and Awards Luncheon Watch on YouTube
Salons B-C-D
sponsored by Boeing
Guest Speaker: Steve Volz, Assistant Administrator, Satellite and Information Service, NOAA – Download | View on SlideShare

2:00 Spotlights – Earth Science and Heliophysics

  • Lisa Callahan, Associate Director for Mission Planning and Technology Development, Earth Sciences Division, NASA GSFC
  • Therese Jorgensen, Program Director, NSF Space Weather Research – Download | View on SlideShare

2:45 Technology to Enable What’s Next
Moderator: David Miller, NASA Chief Technologist

4:00 Break   sponsored by Orbital ATK

4:15 Generation Next Watch on YouTube
Moderator: Bob Rogers, Founder and Chairman, BRC Imagination Arts

  • Alex Case, Aerospace Engineering Major, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Midshipman 1/C Patrick Dods, USN, Aerospace Engineering Major, Astronautics Track, United States Naval Academy
  • Clare Skelly, Communications Intern, NASA GSFC
  • Raphael Perrino, International Science and Technology Policy Major, George Washington University

5:15 Closing Spotlight – Planetary Science Watch on YouTube
Jim Green, Director, Planetary Science Division, NASA HQ – Download | View on SlideShare

6:00 Industry, Government, and Student Networking Reception
Annapolis Room
sponsored by Northrop Grumman

Thursday, March 12

7:30 Registration Opens / Continental Breakfast

9:00 Introduction of Keynote Speaker
Salons A-B-C
Harley Thronson, Chair, Symposium Planning Committee; Senior Scientist for Advanced Concepts in Astrophysics, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

9:05 Keynote Speaker Watch on YouTube
France Córdova, Director, National Science Foundation – Download | View on SlideShare

9:35 What’s up with the Global Exploration Roadmap? Watch on YouTube
Moderator: Kathy Laurini, Senior Advisor, Exploration and Space Operations, NASA – Download | View on SlideShare

  • Mary Lynne Dittmar, Member, National Research Council Committee on Human Spaceflight – Download | View on SlideShare
  • Bernhard Hufenbach, Head of Strategy Office, Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Operations, ESA – Download | View on SlideShare
  • Jeffrey Plescia, Space Department, JHU/Applied Physics Laboratory; Chair, Lunar Exploration Analysis Group – Download | View on SlideShare

11:00 Break

11:15 Destination Mars Spotlights Watch on YouTube

12:00 Pre-lunch Break / Meeting Space Reconfiguration

12:15 Luncheon
Salons B-C-D
sponsored by a.i. solutions
Guest Speaker: Pamela Melroy, Deputy Director, Tactical Technology Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) – Download | View on SlideShare

Futrue Space Leaders Foundation – Clay Mowry, President, Arianespace USA

1:45 The Next Golden Age of Astronomy Watch on YouTube
Moderator: Kathy Flanagan, Interim Director, Space Telescope Science Institute – Download | View on SlideShare

  • John Mather, Senior Astrophysicist, Observational Cosmology Laboratory. NASA GSFC (JWST) – Download | View on SlideShare
  • Mark Clampin, Project Scientist, Webb Telescope Observatory, Exoplanets and Stellar Astrophysics Laboratory, NASA GSFC (WFIRST and the search for Earth-like planets) – Download | View on SlideShare
  • Alexey Vikhlinin, Associate, Harvard College Observatory, HarvardSmithsonian Center for Astrophysics (Gravity waves and the high-energy future) – Download | View on SlideShare

3:00 Break

3:15 Emerging Commercial Ventures Watch on YouTube
Moderator: Eric Stallmer, President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation

  • Richard DalBello, Vice President, Virgin Galactic
  • Barry Matsumori,Senior Vice President, Sales & Business Development, SpaceX
  • Peter Marquez, Vice President, Planetary Resources – Download | View on SlideShare

4:45 What’s Next: Closing Thoughts Watch on YouTube

  • Frank Morring, Senior Editor Space, Aviation Week & Space Technology
  • Marcia Smith, Editor, SpacePolicyOnline

5:15 Closing Reception
Annapolis Room
sponsored by SpaceX